Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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I have been in education since 1996. My first classroom had 6 iMacs, one of which was hooked up to a television that also had a laser disc player, and a VCR. I have never taught without technology. The next cool toy that I received was a flex camera! I thought that I had died and gone to heaven! This first classroom was an interim position and I was told to obtain the classroom for good I would have to have some technology training. That is when I got hooked. After teaching in the classroom for 6 years (grades 1 -3) I left it all behind to become a Curriculum Techology Specialist for the same school system. I was to support 2 schools, grades K - 6. Instead of working on the curriculum side I, along with all the other CTS (as we were called) were fixing printers, setting up servers and airports, imaging computers, and teaching TOC sessions (which I can't remember what those letters stood for) to teachers required to attend 6 hours of technology training. (Needless to say, we were the messenger that was getting all the grumpy attitudes.) Two years in that job the district cut funds and I was sent back to the classroom. So I quit the public school system and entered the world of private schools. I taught at one private school for 2 years in a computer lab servicing PK (3 year olds - 21 of them at a time!) through 3rd grade. My other hat at that school was that of a troubleshooter and technical trainer. This was my first job that I actually worked during the school's summer vacation. This fact and the fact that I didn't really love working with 3 year olds on the computer led me to my current position. I am now an Elementary Division Technology Specialist. I work at an all boy's school, grades 4th through 6th. For these grades the students have a one to one laptop program, with the 6th grade actually taking their computers home. I was able to attend Will Richardson's and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach PLP consortium professional development and was blown away! WHOA!!! This introduction to Web 2.0 has made me miss the classroom. To be a classroom teacher, to play with all of these tools with the students and their education - how exciting! Now I am trying to calm myself and spark the same fire that I have with the 16 teachers that I support. This blog is going to be my sound board, my focus as to what I want to try, and a place to hopefully showcase what I have inspired others to do.

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I have been in education since 1996 and never taught without technology!