Monday, January 5, 2009

Letting Loose

I taught the 6th graders about Inspiration 7.6 today and they seemed to like it. One of them was thrilled about the outline view, which shows different learners! My issue though was the fact that the boys are studying a specific beach and mountain and using Google to gather their facts. There are so many adult activities that go on on beaches around the world. How do you feel comfortable about giving them a beach when on the main Google search page the top hits refer to adult activities on the beach. I suppose I should have kept them on the beaches in America ~ more tame beaches, but then that takes the thrill away from them learning about crazy places they have never seen, heard of, or have any idea where it is! That is what I was thinking when I found the list of beaches and mountains. We will see if they can handle the information. I am going to look in on using the pre-searched results Google can do and may use that for gathering of their beach information.

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