Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Twitter Silly Stuff

I just received this funny Twitter email joke. I wanted to share it with others. I couldn't twitter it because it is more than 140 characters. Enjoy the read!

Impress Your Friends With New Twitter Terms (Twerms?)! [Marker]

"Communicating in 140 characters or less? You call that a technological
breakthrough?" scoffed my Aunt Mabel. "Honey, your Uncle Ed has been doing
that at dinner for over 40 years!"

Whether you are as unimpressed with Twitter as my Aunt Mabel, or think
it's the greatest thing since whatever the greatest thing was
yesterday...you gotta be "in the know" about this new social networking
tool. It's so "the thing" that it's developing a vocabulary all its
own...albeit with some notable gaps I have sought to fill here as a public
service. (This one's for you, Aunt Mabel.)

Twitter – a social networking site where users “micro-blog” in posts of
140 characters or less

Tweet –a single post to the Twitter social networking site; sometimes also
used as the verb for posting. Example: Did you tweet today? Yes, didn’t
you see my tweet?

Twittle – a way to kill time waiting for someone’s next tweet

Twick or Tweet – prank posts to your Twitter account

Twattletale – a child who uses Twitter to inform parents of siblings’

Twutter – an incoherent or incomplete tweet

Twuttle – a series of twutters

Tweaty -- a formal agreement between two people to stop arguing on Twitter

Tweety – a little yellow bird who feels cheated about not receiving any
royalties from all of this. “I tawt I taw a Twitter tat!”

Twidiosyncrasy -- odd expressions unique to certain tweeters

Twit – not actually a Twitter or social networking term per se, but if you
have a Facebook account you likely will have opportunity to become
reacquainted with some you had long forgotten about

Retwaction -- a tweet intended to take back a previous tweet

Retweat -- a tweet intended to back off from an opinion expressed in a
previous tweet

Twaster – one who spends entirely too much time on Twitter

Twaining -- the 45 minutes you will spend showing your grandmother how to
follow your tweets

Twele phone -- how your grandmother will inform you she saw your last tweet

Twister – a low-tech social networking tool characterized by very short
communications--generally of far fewer than 140 characters—such as “Ow!”,
“I’m gonna fall!”, “My arm doesn’t bend in that many places!” and “I’m
getting too old for this!”

Thanks Sue for sending it!

For a glossary of "real" Twitter terms, see http://mashable.com/2008/11/15/twitterspeak/

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