Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Part of My PLE

I am a huge Twitter supporter in the area of education and professional development. I can't even begin to explain how awesome this resource is for me. Every time I launch this site or the program that feeds my twitters to my computer I learn something new. I can ask for help, get advice on lessons I am dreaming up, find schools to collaborate with, and read others blogs, that I may not know about!

It took me about a year of using this tool before I was sold. The first few months I though it was cool, had about 40 followers, but didn't really get the full effect of the device. Now I am participating in conversations with hashtags (Monday nights educators converse using #educhat at the end of their statements - hosted by thecleversheep), connecting globally with others, and much more.

I have never had a rude or crude comment pop up on Twitter, nor have I ever posted an over-the-top gripe, or something on those lines. I don't mingle with my social life on this, following others that have to do with my outside of school interests. I think if I did I would have more trouble with inappropriate tweets.

This is my professional learning environment. And every time I step in to it I learn more than I thought I would.

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